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    The future of Hitachi 7K3000... What now!

    Frédéric Segard Level 2

      Insisting to get 7K3000 Hitachi 1.5 or 2TB drives for my system, I ran into a brick wall these past few days. Locally, no one seems to be able to get them. Is it due the sale of the HDD division of Hitachi to WD? But what worries me is, if I do manage to get them, what will be the availability of replacements and support in the coming months and years?


      So, I now have to find an alternative. I began going through the list of cost effective drives that can do parity AND non-parity RAID. Why both? I want a mix of RAID3 and RAID0 in my setup. The only cost effective drive I can now think of, is the Seagate Constellation series. They have choices of 3.5" (NS series) in SAS and SATA, and 2.5" (.2 series) in SAS and SATA.  Granted, the .2 series is a lot more expensive. Perfect for space starved casings, but when you multiply the costs by up to 16 drives, it adds up real fast.  They are 7200RPM, 64MB cache, come in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB, and SAS & SATA run both at 6Gbps ($25 difference between both).


      My question is, all other things being equal, with drives of the same series, will I see an advantage in performance with SAS2 over SATA3? Or is it just about reliability?