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    the future of fireworks

    niduma Level 1

      since years i'm awaiting a fireworks version that is stable with a fast gui. and i'm still hoping. with the dawn of many new html5 tools the importance of fireworks grows even bigger. lately i've tested adobe's muse and it motivated me to this topic. so here is my list of how fireworks could look like, if you would pick the best parts of any adobe app:


      • throw away the old code :-)


      from indesign:

      • main window and most parts of the gui
      • grids, columns and helplines managment
      • styles
      • typographic controls and settings


      from illustrator:

      • basic drawing tools
      • colour and swatches palettes
      • symbols managment
      • live filters
      • performance to display large number of vectors


      from photoshop:


      • selection tools and selection refining tools
      • basic image retouching
      • adjustment layers (make them live filters)
      • performance to edit large pixel elements
      • performance to handle huge files (1GB+)



      from fireworks:

      • documents and states
      • live filters
      • standard library elements
      • dynamic symbols
      • simple extensibility via javascript


      from muse:

      • instant htmlcode generation and precision between layout and html page