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    Ikegami GFCam Repetitive Import Error

    lbsimpson Level 1

      Hi all,


      Recently recorded an 8 hour meeting in 4 hour chunks.  I switched GFPaks when each pack reached the '0 min' marker and had no problems.  Dumped all the GFPak media as I normally do, careful to label each dump in the order in which it was shot and which GFPak it was shot on.  I have done quite a bit of editing with our Ikegami media PPro with a much success.   In fact i really like the way PPro handles the Ikegami media which Avid seemed to struggle with (corrupted imports with MC whereas PPro usually doesn't have a problem).  This is the first time I've shot a continuous record-stream of video and perhaps this is where the hang up is.


      Using hte media browser I started importing clips in bins based on the order they were shot and the GFPak.  Most of the clips are importing succesfully, but I have found a hang up.  No matter the GFPak recorded to, it seems that all the clips with file name '(0001V006) MyClip001' and any clip V006 and up, refuse to import and infact cause PPRo to crash.  Without these clips I will be left with missing chunks of the event's speakers


      If anyone's familiar with Ikegami GFCam media recorded to GFPak please chime in with any helpful info!