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    hosted swf playback from frame 1

    macdaddy256 Level 1
      I've written an ad banner host in flash for hosting both swf and jpg banners, each one fading in, playing once (in the case of the swfs) and then fading out. The swfs are submitted by third parties and loaded once the banner host is running. Once loaded I just use the play and stop commands with an onEnterFrame loop for each to determine when it gets to the last frame.

      the banner host is running here: http://www.audiomedia.com

      The curious problem is that first time round the swfs will play from frame 1 no problem, however, on subsequent 'plays' there are major problems with dissappearing fonts and other elements. To solve this, I play the swf from the final frame (allowing it to loop immediately to frame 1. This works fine as long as the final frame looks the same as the first (when the swf has been designed as a loop), though of course if this is not the case, the banner would fade in on the last frame then switch to a very different 1st frame.

      The banner host publish settings are flash 7/AS2.0 for compatibility and I'm using a MovieClipLoader for each swf. Does anyone know why playing from frame 1 on the second and subsequent cycles might be a problem? I can't see any particular problem with the swfs I'm being provided.

      Any ideas would be appreciated.