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    How to save an AVI file from a HD Anamorphic 1080 project setting

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      I am using APE 9.0.1 and my computer has: System: Intel Core i7 CPU 920@ 2.67 GHZ, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processors, RAM: 6.00 GB, Available Physical Memory: 2.48 GB,  Total Virtual Memory: 12 GB, Available Virtual Memory: 7.96 GB, Page File Space: 5.99 GB64 bit OS, Windows 7. Capacity of my C hard drive is 465 GB, used space 190 GB, free space 274 GB. I have an external drive (My Passport) connected with 931 GB capacity, 93.2 GB used space and 838 GB free space.


      My project settings are as follows: HDV 1080i, 29.97 frames/sec, frame size 1440x1080, PAR: HD Anamorphic 1080 (1.333). I've used jpegs, psd files from cs4, avi video (5.5 GB) captured in Premiere Pro CS4.



      What is the correct setting when I want to save my project as an avi file. I have tried the AVI DV NTSC Widescreen setting and it was not successful. You may view the result at http://www.lmsanchez.com/webvideo_class/APEForumTroubleshoot/APEForumTroubleshoot.html


      The flare effect on the 9 second mark is off from the cross when you compare the 1 second mark done from the APE monitor. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


      Another thing, based from the spec of my computer mentioned earlier, is there a good reason why my APE 9 freeze on a few occasions?


      Thanks again.