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    Modifying Audio in Project Panel

    Thomas Beach

      I went into my Project Panel and highleted some clips and chose the Modify > Audio Channels option.  While in there, I simply chose Mono and disabled the Left channel of the clip (this is interview footage and I prefered to have the Boom Mic ch. on the Right active and to kill the lav ch. on the Left).  BUt when I made this change, and editied the clip in my Source Panel and then Inserted the edited clip onto the Timeline, there is no audio as part of that clip.  Only the video appears.  ANd when I returned once again to the Modify > Audio Channels and restored the original settings, the clips audio is still absent from the Timeline.  I am at a loss to understand why the Source Panel would play the clip after modification but an editied portion of that source clip sent to the Timeline would have no audio associated with it.  Any explanation would be most appreciated.