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    All receivers of my certified PDF need to verify my certificates


      Can anyone tell me of a nice clean way to tell people how they can easily verify my certificates without losing my audiance?


      Arbitrary people need to be able to verify the digital time stamp and my digital certificates for use in Adobe Reader.  From time to time I would like to send out certified PDFs to complete strangers.  I use a personal digital certificate under a Trusted Root with a digital timestamp from a trusted source (e.g. Digistamp.com).


      As it stands every method I have been able to figure out is either so laborious for the reader that almost nobody will ever import the certificates.


      The easiest way I have found is suspect because it means importing the certificates directly through the PDF, which is really is a rubber stamp process rather than an independent verification process.


      It seems to me that there should be a very simple idiot proof way of enabling readers to import the certificates from a trusted source free so that with a couple of key presses they can have the certificates and be able to see the certification at the top of the document in the acrobat reader application or browser.