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    Changing the Name of Cue Point Markers


      Hi all!


      I have a question for anyone who can answer.



      I 2 items on the stage for which I have chosen to "Convert the selected properties to markers" - ( in which the selected properties are the highlighted corner pins for both items).  When I click on a marker for either item I get


      Corner Pin_Lower Right

      Corner Pin_Upper Right

      Corner Pin_Upper Left

      Corner Pin_Lower Left



      How can I make it so that for one of them it displays


      Corner Pin_Lower Right_1

      Corner Pin_Upper Right_1

      Corner Pin_Upper Left_1

      Corner Pin_Lower Left_1


      and for the other it displays


      Corner Pin_Lower Right_2

      Corner Pin_Upper Right_2

      Corner Pin_Upper Left_2

      Corner Pin_Lower Left_2




      Any help would be appreciated!