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    Forced to Save As


      Usng InDesign 5.0, I work on two PCs... home and work.


      I save my files on Dropbox. For a handful of files (6 I think), when I open the file at home or at work, make changes, then try to save the file, it forces me into "Save-As" mode... it behaves exactly as if I had tried to Save-As (asks me for a new name, I choose the old one, it asks if I am sure I want to save over... etc.)


      I have been able to correct this twice by saving all of the irritating files with a different name.  After renaming them, I use the new files, make changes, then I can save them as usual.  This usually lasts about 24 hours, after which the problem starts again seemingly at random (not all of the files seem to stop working properly at the same time).


      If I save the file onto either desktop (home or work), the same problem occurs (I believe I can fix it temporarily by saving under a different name, but not by drag-dropping it onto my PC.  Same for coworkers who have tried at work... so I believe it is an InDesign issue, not a problem with my PC or with Dropbox.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is extremely iritating.

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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          Are both computers using the same version of InDesign? I suspect the one that is “forcing” the Save As is using a newer version than the other. This is expected behaviour and is desireable. InDesign files are not backward compatible with earlier versions. An InDesign CS5 file cannot be ready by any earlier version of InDesign. If you open and InDEsign CS4 file in InDesign CS5, to prevent you from accidentally overwriting the CS4 file (making is unreadable to InDesign CS4) InDesign CS5 presents a Save As dialogue. If I am corrent that the versions are notidentical you should pick just one version to work with your files.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            If that were the case, though, once saved in the new version, the file would no longer open in the older one. My feeling is this is either related to Drop Box or some other third party software on your systems.

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              hueco_tanks Level 1

              The InDesign version is identical (same license).  Most of the files work just fine on both computers using Dropbox.  Both PCs are using the same operating system (Win 7 64 bit).

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Have you tried exporting the funky files to .idml?