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    MVC 3D Codec?


      Looking into the new Sony HDR-TD10 for a stereoscopic 3D camera, however I'm hesitation to even purchase it because of the MVC file format and word has it that only Sony Vegas Pro can edit it.


      Does Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 support the MVC 3D video codec so I can edit videos from that camera? If not, is there a downloadable decoder or patch that will allow MVC support. And if not that, then is there a program that will convert MVC to side-by-side video format (like Stereo Movie Maker)?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There are several tutorials, and discussions in this ARTICLE. Some of those have been updated, but a few might be a bit long in the tooth now. Sill, take a look, and for 3D editing in PrPro, you will see references to NeoScene 3D. Explore those links for more info and instruction.


          If you find any new, useful links, please share those, to update the material in that article.


          Good luck,