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    How can I use After Effects filters on a whole sequence without getting stuck in After Effects?


      It appears that, with the options that are visible to the user, Dynamic Link only goes one-way and can't make round trips from Premiere Pro to After Effects and back again.  If I send a sequence to After Effects, that part works fine and I can do what I want and save the comp.  However, even though the comp appears as an asset in Premiere Pro, I am not allowed to do anything with it.  If I try to drag it to a new sequence, it just says no.  If I click "Create Sequence from Clip" it creates an empty sequence.


      So how can I use After Effects on whole sequences/tracks instead of just on a clip-by-clip-by-clip-by-clip-by-clip basis?  is this possible?  For instance, if I have a whole sequence where I've neutralized the white balance, I might want to apply a warming filter to the whole thing as a unit.  That would be really painful with even a few clips to keep doing that again and again, and if you want to modify it slightly you have to do it over and over.  If there is a way to do that through Dynamic Link through some hidden option, what happens with the audio?  Would I have to cut it out of the lower sequence and paste it into the higher sequence with the After Effects comp as a video track?