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    Adding a comment to an attached PDF


      This is the situation I am facing:


      My organization's board of directors use a PDF document as an outline for their monthly meeting. Within this PDF document, there are many Attached PDF Files that they open from the main PDF throughout their meeting. They are able to add comments/notes to the main PDF. However, when they open an attached PDF from this main PDF, they are unable to add comments/notes to it. During the creation of these PDFs, permissions for each document are always set to allow commenting.


      Adobe Acrobat 8 is used to create the compiled document and Adobe Reader 9 and 10 are used by the directors. Any thoughts? Is this even possible? I was told by them that they were able to do this with prior versions of Reader (8).

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This cannot be done with Reader or Acrobat. The problem is that the pdfs are attachments to the original pdf. The attachments cannot be changed. You can extract the attachments and add comments to the extracted file. I would recommend keeping all of the pdf files in one folder and open them through links when neeeded.