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    Installation Location, etc. for Production 5.5


      Hello everyone, if someone could help I would appreciate it.


      I just purchased Production Premium 5.5 and I am going to install but I want to make sure I get the configuration right.  I looked all over and couldn't find exactly what I am looking for.


      First, my set

      I have 6 core AMD with 16gb ram.  I have 2 hard drives: 1.5TB each, 7200 RPM 6gb transfer, and 64mb cache.


      Second, the questions...

      Main question I have is how do I setup my 2 hard drives.  I have read some things where they talk about putting the pagefile and video files on the 2nd drive while the OS and Production 5.5 software installation as well.  This doesn't make sense to me for more reasons than one.... and many more questions like that.


      So, bottomline, with 2 hard drives what is the very best combination to set this up?   If you could please, explain why.  I am technically proficient but new to the whole video world so I don't know what it needs and wants.