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    Audio Synchronization

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      I am also having problmes exporting my film and having the audio synch with video. it's fine on my IMAC (brand new, fully decked out for video editing) but when I go to export it's really bad. I don't believe this is an isolated problem. I have exported for years, no problem no matter what I have in my films. We should simply be able to export our projects. Now I am stuck having only the back up on my external drive and not a cogent copy on exported film. I need an instant fix and have no time to fiddle with experimentation. If I am having the problem plenty of others will --that's usually the case. The person having problems wiht his audio-video synch --it is not an abherrent problem, buddy!Perhaps, Adobe will send us a patch ASAP.

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          Hi. My source material is film/video shot on on Sony NEX VG10. I downloaded it from a chip which I put directly into my IMAC. I used a Canon HDV in the past (along with other Sony Cam's) similar to the HD but used mini DV film. O.K. I was downloading the film to my Canon Vixia HV40. I used the 29.97 for export. but I tried to download it without naming any export spec incase there was a problem. I was unsuccessful both ways. So, my source is rendered film coming from a chip on the Sony Nex. I am trying to download it to a Canon Vixia HV40. All of the film was first pre-screened by initially being dumping it into the mini "new file" folder when I first put it into my project. Now the other days I exported quite a variety of film from multiple sources and it downloaded fine. The only difference is I made this present film (under discussion)  into a flash export in prep for UTUBE. However, I didn't think that exporting into a flash format would affect the original film/video. Does it? Thanks.