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    "Red" frames in a TS file with BlackMagic HD Extreme

    vidtester Level 1



      I'm using Windows 7, CS 5.5, HP Z600 + BlackMagic  DeckLink HD Extreme and La Cie 4big Quadra RAID 0 as setup. I have a strange behaviour in CS5.5 when I import a Transport Stream file with a h.264 video (576i), and I try to play on the source monitor, I get several red frames (even the screen is red during several seconds). But if I use other players, like VLC, Windows media or even Adobe bridge, the file is played correctly without any "red frame".

      The file seems to be OK, and there is no error detected by VLC or other video monitoring/analysing tools.

      Do I need to change some settings in CS5.5 or BM Decklink to avoid this strange behaviour?


      Thanks in advance.