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    External RAID Enclosure

    Shadreck Rukweza Level 2

      Hi guys, my external raid enclosure Mapower TB32 broke down saying I/O to the disk is failing. So I am seeking to replace it with an external enclosure which can give me at least Raid 5 with 1.5 tb disk. I use an internal areca 1110 in Raid 0.


      Which one would you recommend for a budget of GBP£400. I was looking at the Areca 5020. Is there anything else I should consider here.


      Thank you.

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          Shadreck Rukweza Level 2

          OK! I managed to get a Q5 as my external raid HDD. Now I have got 2 1.5TBs WD15EADS Western Digital HDDs hooked on my Areca 1110 in RAID 0. Apparently these drives are really slow for some reason, I don't know why. They are beaten by a single Seagate Hybrid in terms of benchmark. On the other hand I was planning to use theSE WD in RAID 5 alongside the 2 Seagate 1.5TBs. In addition I ordered another Seagate 1.5TB and when delivered it indicated that its a 5400rpm rather than the 7200, I currently have. So this means that I may have to RMA this HDD. Unfortunately one of my 1.5tbs just gone dead and needs to be RMA.


          Now the major question that is worrying me now is which are the HDDs to go for here. The Seagate 1.5tb @ 7200rpm appears to be out of production and they are nowhere to be seen here in Egland. I am currently considering to sell the Western Digital and the remaining Seagate on Ebay and go for something else. Are the 5400rpm 1.5tb good for HD editing or the 1tbs @7200rpm.


          Can someone help here,, some advise will be greatly appreciated.

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            Shadreck Rukweza Level 2

            Thanks Harm for pointing me to your previous discussion, it was really helpful. My last question in this case is that I bought the Q5 without the HDDs and thought I could get some seagate 1.5tbs 7200rpm to match the two I have got. Now that Seagate has gone green, I can't find them on the net and when I looked on the website I purchased my enclosure they have got some related products like hitachi 2tb 7200rpm 6gbps, which I would like to believe its SATA 3. When I called the technical advise helpline the lady there said if its listed as a related product that means its compatible with that enclosure. Can this be possible to hook up SATA 3 HDDs and out via eSATA 2 to my workstation which support SATA 2. Apparently the enclosure also support USB 3 which is not available on my workstation. At the moment the enclosure is working just fine with 1 HDD via esata, coz the other seagate went dead and waiting for RMA now.