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    Copying multiple index keywords between topics simultaneously, is it possible?


      I'm guessing this is just going to turn into a feature request.


      Occasionally, I have to consolidate topics into a single help topic. The concepts of the topic usually remain the same, so I often want to combine the index keywords that were available in each topic. I was wondering, is there any way to copy multiple index keywords from one topic to another topic? I know I can go back and forth one-by-one, but that is such a pain. I wish I could just grab all the index keywords in a given topic, and move them to another topic in one action, but there does not seem to be a tool or option that can do this.


      In the long run, being able to do this would save me a lot of time. I'm betting I could probably do it if I mucked about in some of the files, but I would like to avoid doing that at all costs. And at that point, it is probably just as quick to copy and paste them one-by-one, even if it is a bit frustating.