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    How do you edit-in a "stop" into a screen recording and then insert a "button" to link to a document


      Ok, so I am working on my first Captivate project.  So far so good (mostly).  I want to interupt a screen capture recording that I now have.  Currently, it captures a pdf screen and an audio narration.  I want to have a button appear at a certain time within the recording were the user can click it and be taken to another pdf document in which the user will have to read the document and take a quiz on the content.  This action of clicking the button will stop the recorded screen narration and allow unlimited time to read the linked document and complete the quiz.  Upon completing the quiz, the user will click the continue button and be returned to the screen capture recording where they left off.  Sooooooo........How do I do this??????????


      Will I have to split the screen capture recording into two slides in order to make it stop when the button appears?


      Will I have to, or can I, insert a branching slide function at any point in my screen capture recording?


      Is it best to connect the button directly to the pdf file or to a url on my intranet?


      All help will be much appreciated!