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    Blank Popups

      I just started getting blank popups for some, but not all popups in a WebHelp project.

      For some pop-ups - no problem, they show fine in generated Webhelp. For others, they show only the header & footer in a topic, but no content in between. I've looked at the true code to try to find differences, but I don't see any.

      I saw a previous post that related this to XP SP2, and the need for a "soft" patch instead.

      Is SP2 the known problem? I've had SP2 for quite awhile. Have not used popups in RH for quite some time, so I don't know if this is a "new" issue that has just cropped up due to something else, or that I haven't encountered the problem because I haven't been using the popups.

      Any ideas?


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          LindaOnline Level 1
          I figured out the problem - the class assigned to the Heading 1 in some topics had a negative margin assigned to it (margin-top -6pt). IE didn't like this when displaying the text in pop-ups. One of "those browser things", as Firefox had no problems with it. Once the class was changed to use a different value (.25 em), the pop-ups display correctly.
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            I am having the same problem. I recently had to change from WinHelp to HTML Help and now some of my popups are working and some are not. I've checked the margins as indicated above, but that was not the problem. I've tried re-saving the image as a .SHED image and recreating the hotspots and it still will not work. Other topics with other hotspot popups are working.

            Any ideas?
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              I've just found that an output that had the blank popup problem in IE7 is working on two IE8 machines.


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