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    Problem importing winhelp files into Robohelp 8

    TFKjones Level 1

      I am converting five help systems. I successfully imported three of them, but when I try to import the other two, a lot of files are created (I'm not sure if it's all of them), but no .xpj file.


      Before importing the files, I added page breaks to each document to eliminate the font lists (see Mr. Grainge's snippet 56). I also had to change the Image folders setting, because I had to move the source files to a different server and the project stored the absolute path from my old PC.


      For one of the successful ones, I forgot to change the Image folder settings, and it did not create the .xpj. When I changed the Image folders, it imported fine.


      I appreciate the help that I've received by reading posts over the years. I hope that someone can help with this problem.

      BTW: I tried deleting the [project name].rtf file, and that did not help.