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    Audio Scrubbing: Speed and Comprehension vs FCP

    tenorocity Level 1

      I'm considering moving over to Premiere Pro from FCP and am tryng it out.


      Most of my work is documentary, in which I have long long takes in which I have to make selects of a few words or phrases.


      When audtitioning clips in the viewer, In FCP I've been able to hit the "L" key the audio moves at twices the rate yet its pitch

      stays the same so I can understand what is being said.  This speeds up my workflow immensely.


      In Premiere Pro, however, if you do the same (I've selected the FCP 7 keyboard shortcuts), the audio goes up in pitch so much so that it is incomprehensible.


      Is there any way around this, i.e, any way to speed up your interview footage and still understand it?