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    can CS 5.5 co-exist with CS4?

    dwarrenk Level 1

      OK here's the story

      I am using Win 7 - 64 bit, with 4 GB memory, approximately 9 TB storage. I have used CS 4 since it was released, bought CS 5 (did not install it) then I bought CS 5.5, installed it yesterday. I wanted to keep both CS 4 & CS 5.5 on the same computer since CS4 was doing good (not crashing too much). After I installed CS 5.5, I opened and converted a CS 4 project to test CS 5.5. It seemed to work. Today I came in and tried to open the same project, CS5.5 crashed every time I tried to open it. I then tried to open the project in CS 4, but it would not let me. Since the client was here for the final edit, I had to un-install CS 5.5, so I could open the project in CS 4 and complete it. So the question is - If I re-install CS 5.5 on my edit computer that has CS 4 on it, can I keep both versions without problems?

      Another question..... I keep two edit systems in operation (sitting beside each other) the second edit system as a backup for tight deadlines. I also have to take my laptop on locations to edit. Can I install CS 5.5 on the two main edit computers and CS 5 on my laptop... if so, will CS 5 open a project saved in CS 5.5?