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    Adobe Presenter Superset Quiz Questions

    jpero Level 1

      In AP7, can I create a superset of questions - say 10, and then have the program randomly select only 5 each time a quiz is executed?

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Yes you can. In the quiz manager create a Question Group. Then put the question into the question group (you can drag and drop them or create them directly into the group). Once the questions are in the group, chose Edit for the Question Group and select to display the desired number of questions from the group.


          If you want to ensure that any of the questions are always picked, you can go to the Edit screen for the question, once it is in the group, and you will see a "Required" check box. This will tell the Group to always pull this question.

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            jpero Level 1

            Not sure you understand my questions.  If I have ten questions and each time the course is taken, 5 are randomly chosen. Not the same 5. It sounds like from your answer that I can select which 5 I want, but that each time the lesson is view, these same 5 will appear. Is that correct?  I don't want to go into AP and republish to get a new set of 5 questions.  Please let me know if I'm understanding you right?   Thanks

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              VideoPep Level 2

              Yes, you can subset the Questions and shuffle them in Adobe Presenter 7. Do following steps:-


              1) Go to Adobe Presenter>Quiz Manage

              2) Add Question Group

              3) Add Questions say 10 questions (They all get added to Question Group created at step 2)

              4) Edit Question Group

              5) Under "Include" set the number of questions you want to view. Say 5 out of 10, so, enter 5 in "Include" combobox

              6) Check "Shuffle Questions" checkbox, this will randomly show any 5 questions out of 10 question.



              Hope this answer your Question.




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                jpero Level 1

                Thanks so much.


                For some reason I can't do a reply on the forums.


                This is a BIG help.