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    all in one order form

      This was working fine before. I noticed in firefox, the thank you page was not displaying. It is on a secure server, pulling .cfm file from another server. Within the cold fusion file, it had a direct link to the thank you page. I made this an absolute link.

      Then I started getting some error about "java.lang.string" whenever I click any thing (it's an all in one order form)

      I changed it back to a non-absolute link, and the error still occurs.


      Anyone have any clue?

      [url=http://www.allamericandish.com/engine/allinone.cfm]just the order form[/url]

      [url=http://www.allamericandish.com/engine/allinone_act.cfm]act form[/url]

      Help me oh programming gods.