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    Start up problems - help!

    PV Reet

      I've been using  Adobe Premiere 2 on my old XP running computer to make simple slide shows with music and titles.  Nothing real fancy.  I just got a new computer with Windows 7 and today purchased the combo Premiere and Photoshop 9 at the store.  I installed both.  I first learned that it won't open one of my old projects.  Next I started a new project and imported some .jpg and avi files from my computer.  I started arranging the photos in the timeline (with a little difficulty adapting to the changes since Premiere 2).  The first time I tried adding some text on a photo, the program crashed.  The next three timse it did also.  No explanation given except to close the program.  Is there a trick to adding text?


      I decided maybe I was missing some updates so I searched for updates for both Premiere and Photoshop.  While doing the latter I got a message that said Photoshop Elements 9.03 patch couldn't be applied.  Contact product support.


      Also, I'm surprised how poor the quality of the preview picture is... VERY pixelated. I changed the display quality to best from auto and it really didn't have an effect. I'm sure there are settings I am missing. I probably bought too complex a program for my simple task.


      Should I uninstall both programs and start again.  What's up?  I'm a very unhappy camper.