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    Is there an ant task on FlexUnit to open browser with swf embedded?


      Here is the same (unanswered) question asked by someone else: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/740495?tstart=0#740495


      Basically I need to open my flex app in a browser window from ant, and the FlexUnit task apparently does not support this.


      I have downloaded a sample from FlexMonkey. When they (sample writers) execute flexunit in this sample, one of the arguments to FU is "url". However, I can find no evidence of this version of FU (that uses that "url" argument) existing anywhere. Using the swf argument doesn't work as documented in the previous question above. So I don't know if my problem is Flex version, or it's just not supported by FlexUnit.


      I'm using the Flex sdk 3.2.0 and the FU libraries below:







      Please tell me if this issue has been solved and if so what libraries I need to implement it. If it is done for Flex 4.x, but not for Flex 3.2, perhaps you could guide me to the java source for the ant task for Flex 4.x so that I can implement this for Flex 3.2 or Flex 3.x.