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    How do you feel about glyph scaling?

    Joel Cherney Level 5

      I'm taking a bit of an unscientific poll to settle a disagreement, here. I'm talking about this stuff:



      Do you use it? Do you hate it? Do you have typical min/max values?


      I have always hated the abuse of glyph scaling - even before I was exposed to Pagemaker, I'd say things to my high-school friends like "Ugh, I hate the way they've stretched out those letters" - but I'm wondering if my complete avoidance of glyph scaling as a typefitting tool is overkill. I still class it with "add ten percent of skew to fake an oblique" and "add a light stroke to fake a bold" as things that people do because they don't notice the subtle, obviously ugly effect. But maybe I'm being pretentious, here.


      What do you think?