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    Curved/eclipsed linear wipe for a 2D globe/circle


      I have only been using After Effects CS5 for a few months now, so please forgive my newness in advance.

      I have a spinning globe in my animation that spins for a few seconds and the client's logo "linear wipes" from left to right along with the speed of the spinning globe. The globe then fades out from behind the logo. Nothing special.

      No amount of feathering can hide how straight that wipe line is.

      Both myself and the client feel it would look better if the wipe from left to right followed the curvature of the glob, in other words, from a "new moon" to a "full moon"... only, no moon, my clients round logo


      Naturally I would love something built in to AE or even a simple present I could buy before trying any down and dirty stuff, but whatever makes it work will be grand!

      Thanks in advance all!