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    psydo-code to Actionscript 2!

    Theresa 86

      I want the buttons inside the pop-up to move around individually and remain on-screen after the pop-up has closed. I realise now that I need the buttons to be active on the first frame of the pop-up movie clip but I need some kind of "masked area" for them all to be invisable inside of, on that first frame until the pop-up is activitated, where the mask is lifted. So then the button can be moved to outside the pop-up area and remain where the are moved to once the pop-up is closed. These moved buttons would then be outside the "masked area" would then remain visable while the other un-moved buttons left behind in the pop-up area would disappear into the mask again. I know now this is the psydo-code but I can't figure out how to turn it into action script?


      Thanks Theresa