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    I can't save animation presets for some reason


      i'm running AE cs4 (with update 9.0.2) on windows 7 32bit (sp1). no other software is running while i run AE. 3gb ram, intel core 2duo


      i've been able to make animation presets just fine till now. i just for the first time made a custom effect by adding an entry into the PresetEffects.xml file. after doing so, i can no longer save animation presets. i was hyper careful not to alter anything in the file other than my entries. i sucessfully made the custom effect, so i'm not sure if i did anything wrong.


      the problem is this. i highlight all the properties i wish to make an animation preset from (like i usually do), click save animation preset (as usual), set the save location to desktop (to ensure it isnt an administrative permission conflict), and click save. after that, no preset file is made. i cant even make the simplest of presets.


      i've never had a problem until now. and none of the above information about my computer has changed.

      i believe the thing that could have done it is tampering with PresetEffects.xml file but i'm not sure what went wrong


      i made a backup of PresetEffects.xml before editing it at all. when i encountered the problem, i replaced the edited file with the backup..still not fixed (i restarted AE every time i made a change to PresetEffects.xml). i then reinstalled AE and made sure the PresetEffects.xml file was back to it's original state. still no fix.


      here's the entry i made in PresetEffects.xml in case it might give any clues:


      <Effect matchname="LoopOS" name="Loop Opacity and Scale">

          <Slider name="sliderControl=Wavelength" default="10" valid_min=".001" valid_max="1000" slider_min=".001" slider_max="10"/>

          <Slider name="sliderControl=Time Offest" default="0" valid_min="0" valid_max="1000" slider_min="0" slider_max="10"/>

          <Slider name="sliderControl=Opacity Min" default="0" valid_min="0" valid_max="100" slider_min="0" slider_max="100"/>

          <Slider name="sliderControl=Opacity L1" default="0" valid_min="0" valid_max="100" slider_min="0" slider_max="100"/>

          <Slider name="sliderControl=Opacity L2" default="50" valid_min="0" valid_max="100" slider_min="0" slider_max="100"/>

          <Slider name="sliderControl=Scale L1" default="50" valid_min="-1000" valid_max="1000" slider_min="0" slider_max="100"/>

          <Slider name="sliderControl=Scale L2" default="100" valid_min="-1000" valid_max="1000" slider_min="0" slider_max="100"/>



        <Effect matchname="LoopF" name="Loop Footage">

          <Slider name="sliderControl=Speed" default="1" valid_min="-1000" valid_max="1000" slider_min="0" slider_max="10"/>

          <Slider name="sliderControl=Duration of Footage" default="10" valid_min=".001" valid_max="1000" slider_min=".001" slider_max="100"/>





      any ideas?