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    Setting up AE.


      I've been reading the help section about AE and 64 bits and multiprocessing and all that jazz.


      To some kind of understanding, I had to put myself in a hypthetical situation.


      Assuming I had 16gb of RAM, and saved 2gb for OS and other stuff, that would leave me with 14gb for AE.  Using an i7 4core with hyperthreading, making it a 4 physical cores with 4 logical cores, or 8 core system, lets say I save one of those cores for the OS and other processes.  That leaves me with 7 cores with 14gb of RAM for AE.  So if I tell AE to use 2gb per core, the recomendation for HD video editing, that math seems to work.


      Does this make sense? Or am I missing something else?