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    Strokes in Tables

    Michael Gianino Level 4


      If you look at the screenshot, you can see that I don't have trouble filling cells, stroking cells, or even stroking individual walls within a cell (see the cell that says "hello" and has a different colored wall for each side). I'm wondering if there is an easy way to have an entire line the same color, the way I have the magenta line towards the bottom of the table. I had to do that by dropping a swatch onto each line one at a time, and I thought there might be an easier way.


      As a possible workaround, I tried merging all of the cells in a row, stroking and filling with the same color and setting the row height to one point, but it won't go below 3 (see the fat magenta line below the one-point line).


      Any ideas, or is this just something that too few people would need to do that Adobe hasn't implemented it? Thanks in advance.