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    After Effects CS5.5 writes incessantly to disk

    Pål Gustav

      Hi all.


      I guess this is kind of a bug report;


      After running AFX for a while, like 10 minutes or so, with a project opened, my HD start to write - rather annoingly - all the time. The disk is loud (which is obviously not AFX's fault) and performance on the entire system is bogged down.


      AFX can be in the background, idling, not previewing or anything else going on, when this starts. It goes away the second I close AFX down. Replicatable.



      OS disk 600GB SAS

      MEDIA disk 600GB SAS

      RAM 24GB

      CPU 2X X5660@2.8GHz

      GPU Quadro 6000

      WIN 7 64bit

      Scratch disk set to both OS and MEDIA disks, same result.



      Latest drivers, service packs, the works.


      Any ideas?


      Pål, Norway.