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    Premiere CS5 won't relink P2 card files properly

    RuesterProd Level 1

      In the picture, you'll see what I'm talking about.


      I moved all my p2 files over to a new computer (Has exact same installation of Win 7 and Premiere CS5 that my other computer does)


      I am trying to open my project on this new computer and it had me relink the files (Which are in the exact same folder structure and ererything as my 1st compuer) But when I relink, it only reads one of the multitde of .mxf files found in the folder! Instead of putting them all together as one clip like it's supposed to.


      In the pic, you'll see that the Media Browser window reads the clip correctly, telling me that it's length is 1:07:28:12 (dark highlighted clip)

      BUT in the Source window (where I opened the clip) you'll see it only reads the clip as 24:45:00!

      AND Same on the Timeline, you'll see the clip I was trying to relink, but with a bunch of grey bars telling me that it's blank from that point on, so only 24 min. 45 sec got relinked!


      Does anyone know why this may have happened and how to fix this?


      Premiere Screen short clip.JPG