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    air assets are gone on mac installation

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      I have a project with a folder of images that are not embedded into my project. (to keep a quick start)

      I use a function to collect all images from that folder like this:


      public function getallfilesinfolder(foldername:String):Array
           var filearray:Array=new Array();
           var directory:File = File.applicationDirectory;
           directory = directory.resolvePath("gardenimages/"+foldername+"");
           var contents:Array = directory.getDirectoryListing(); 
           for (var i:Number = 0; i < contents.length; i++)
                  if(contents[i].type==".jpg" ||contents[i].type==".JPG" || contents[i].type==".png")
           return filearray;


      The problem i have is when i install my air application on a windows machine, the function gives me an array of image urls.

      On a mac, the array is empty.. i also cannot find the files on a mac.


      What am i doing wrong here?


      Please some help.

      Greets, J.

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          I found this answer on another page:



          Create an folder inside your Flex  project.

          Right click on your project and go to Properties->Compiler  (not exact name but something like that). Make sure it has "Copy  nonembedded assets to output directory" (check it if it doesn't). Click  Ok.

          Export a release build of your AIR app. Do NOT click Finish after the  "signing" step. Follow each step until you get to the "assets" screen.  It will show you a list of every file and folder in your output  (bin-debug, by default) directory.

          Check the files you want, uncheck the one's you don't, and click OK.  Done. You have your AIR file packaged with whatever file and folder you  want.



          I did that. Still not working for me.

          I also found:



          NOTE: On OSX, anything included in the AIR package will be part of the "Package Contents" so the folder is inside the .app file.

          On Windows it is alongside the exe.





          But now the question; how do i access this folder and files on a mac so it works on a mac and a windows machine?