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    Can't sign an .PDF document


      Hello everybody! I have a problem regarding a digital signature!


      A month ago I bought an Oberthur token to sign some documents. I followed the guide and tryied to import the device in Mozilla Firefox. After a few atempts I have abandoned the idea and (also following the guide) I managed to import it in Explorer (the guide proved flawless). I have signed one document and all was ok.

      Yesterday I tryied to msign another document, but when I click the signature field I get the tab: Add digital ID. When I chose the "A device connected to this computer" option I got this message: "Acrobat could not find any new digital IDs..."!


      I have unistalled both Mozilla Firefox and Adobe Reader X and reinstalled them. I have managed to import the signature device in Mozilla, but I can't still sign documents!


      What is there to be done?

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          SForrest96 Level 4

          I am not familiar with the Oberthur solution, but it sounds like from your description that it is a digital certificate stored on a hardware device.  If this is the case, Reader must be configured to access this device via a PKCS11 interface (driver, typically a DLL file).


          To access the security settings dialog in Reader where this configuration musrt be completed, select Edit > Protection > Security Settings...


          Select "PKCS#11 Modules and Tokens"




          You will then get a security warning...




          Select "Always open with Protected Mode disabled", click OK


          Click the "Attach Module" button to install the driver.




          This should resolve your issue.


          If you are using a "soft cert" (a digital certificate in file format such as PFX or P12) then you can ignore the PKCS#11 settings, and select the "Digital ID Files" option and click "Attach File"


          Hope this helps.


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