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    application test cases tool

    TESS_GEAR Level 1
      anyone can recommand any test tools for application test cases? I am using a ms word to write down the test cases and using index-card boxes to test again and again if test fails (this method was suggested on one of the cf books).
      This takes too much time and i think there might be a software which can do this job much faster and accurate.
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          RobGonda Level 1
          To automate application testing and assuming you program in objects, you can use what's called unit testing. Check out CFUnit and CFCUnit; CFCUnit has a much cleaner codebase.
          If you want to take this even a step further, you can download the Jar files included with these distributions and automate your tests directly from Eclipse with ANT. You can create an ANT task to run a suite of tests by the push of a button.
          If you don't program in objects, I believe CFUnit has inline testing capabilities.

          Another solution is to use the selenium IDE, which would allow you to test web pages, not components. You can write some forms to test your pages and test cases in selenium.

          A nice advantage of unit testing thru ant is that you can easily scale the test for stress testing... you can create test cases that run many simultaneous requests, which is hard to test otherwise.