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    how do I give credit for right answers to two of you who helped?

    irislake Level 1

      Dear Hunt and Steve G,

      Both of you have helped me on my two intial posts and I want to make sure you both got credit for right answers. Can I do this?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          At present, there are three possible awards for help:


          There are two 5pt "Helpful" answers, and one 10pt "Correct" answer.


          The latter also marks the question as "Answered," but the OP can do that, without awarding any points to anyone.


          Personally, the most important of these functions is the "Answered" as it will indicate to others, who might have the same, or similar problem, that an answer exists in the thread. I always urge posters to return to their threads, with updates, and a report on what worked for them, even if that resolution came from another forum. The forum functions on a couple of levels: one posts with a problem, and hopefully gets resolution. Next, others will come, search and find something similar to their problem, and an possibly read the answer in the existing thread, and never need to post. Third, many, myself included, come to the forums to learn something, so a thread on a problem that I have never experienced, or about material that I have never used, or workflows that I have never experienced, can teach me new things.


          As for "rewards," most of us do, what we do, to help others, and that is the reward. A "thank you, that worked," is what motivates us. Any points are lagniappe.