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    printing just the cyan and magenta from a pdf


      I have a customer who is running four color process CMYK on a two color press, he needs proofs in Cyan and Magenta and/or  yellow and black can i do this from a pdf printing to a docucolor 1632 or a hewlett packard z3100?

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          Gernot Hoffmann Level 3

          Do you want to print by the press in the first pass only C and M?

          Then compare the result with the proof print, using only C and M?


          If so, then rasterize the PDF by Photoshop in CMYK mode, using

          the correct CMYK profile, with sufficiently high resolution, in order

          not to make the text fuzzy. Then uncheck (switch off) the channels

          Y and K and print.


          I'm having some doubts, whether this will deliver good results.

          Proof printing requires fully calibrated inkjets and appropriate

          software. Never mind, the mentioned workflow will probably show

          whether the separation is correct by principle. But this becomes

          obvious anyway by switching channels On/Off in Photoshop,

          or, more professional, by Print Production > Output Preview in

          Acrobat Pro.


          Best regards --Gernot Hoffmann