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    video copied to DVD doesn't match project I can see

    irislake Level 1


      Probably another basic question but I can't find an answer in the Adobe manual. I just discovered (after burning 8 copies of the same file) that the movie on the DVD doesn't match what I see in the Project screen. The dropdown of the Organize>Project looks like what I want to see except that it seems to have the original avi file that I subsequently edited as well as the edited file. The sceneline looks correct. The timeline looks correct. I have tried eliminating the "markers" but there weren't any to eliminate - the menu drop down only gave me the option to add markers. One hint is that the DVD is picking up a menu template that I was playing with but couldn't get to work and then deleted. I ended up using the very basic title screen with black video from the top line Title dropdown menu instead of the Template option in Edit. I can see the new title in scene and timelines. Again, per previous question just posted, I see nothing in the clip screen
      (i.e. th boxes) under "organize". Also, the video clip on the DVD appears truncated by approx. half the play time.


      At one point I could get only the old menu template clip  to show up just below the montor screen but couldn't figure out how to delete.