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    AS 3 project swf compiled in flash builder(on mac) does not run on windows 7 machine


      Hey there!!


      I have a as3 project that I'm building using flash builder 4.5. When I run or debug in FB it's fine, but when I move it to the windows 7 machine its going to live on nothing shows up. Not even the first function or any traces. I have tried to make the project into an air app but when I try to run it, the paths seem to be all messed up. I'm ok with dealing with the path issue later but for now and for testing I need to be able to just grab the swf that FB spits out and test it on the machine. Before you say use the flash ide the other developer uses only fb so if I can get it to work they will have to come to me everytime to compile if they just want to test something.