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    Scripting help for image pop-up within a PDF




      I'm creating some sample eBooks in Acrobat Professional 9 (Mac), and I am stuck on one element that needs to be present. In the text within the PDF, there might be a phrase like, "See Fig. 1". Fig. 1 might not be on that page, however. I know how to create a link in a PDF that will navigate the reader to the page with the image referenced, but that's not good enough. I'd like to have this happen:


      User clicks on "See Fig. 1".

      Popup window appears with the referenced thumbnail image.

      The image's popup window will stay on-screen until dismissed by the user.

      Clicking on the popup thumbnail image calls up a full-size image.


      The added wrinkles are many after we figure out the scripting for the above, but here are two major ones to be addressed right away:


      1) The images are already part of the typeset document converted to PDF, so I am guessing the images would have to be bundled with the PDF somehow. Our users need to use the PDFs in an offline environment, so a call-out to a URL is out of the question.

      2) The PDFs will be read on Macs, PCs, and possibly iPads. If a bundled, local file is called out when a user clicks on "See Fig. 1", how do I set a relative filepath in the call-out?


      Thanks for any help you can provide.