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    Double Gradient?


      Hi - is it possible to create a gradient transition over another?  I created a master slide (right page of a spread) with a background that trasitions from dark grey to light grey.  I want to add another gradient on top of it, positioned in between the two pages of the spread, to give the illusion of a book spine/shadow. . .but it looks funny because the "shadow" doesn't blend in with the main page gradient.  Any ideas?


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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Can you make picture of what you're trying to do? It's hard to visualize. Use the camera icon  to include it when you reply. Like this:




          Also what operating system and what InDesign version are you using?

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            HillyHeard Level 1

            Sorry for the delay - is this what you mean?  I am using InDesign CS5, and Windows XP.  Thanks so much for responding!  It seems like I have the lower half of the "spine" figured out. . . but am having a heck of time with the top.


            Gradient Problem.jpg

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              Scott Falkner Level 5

              Set the transparency mode for the top gradient to Multiply in the Effects panel. If you want this on every page put it on the Master Page on its own layer and make that the topmost layer. Lock the layer to prevent accidentally drawing anything over it. If this is for print you might want to make a Text layer above this gradient layer and put all your text on that layer.