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    Font too small


      I downloaded the book Software Engineering for Internet Applications from Ebsco via my local library.  I have a 7 day check-out.  The fonts are WAY too small and clearly don't match what they are supposed to be since the pagination appears to lock the amount of text on the page and the text then occupies about 25% of the page.  There are no "a" and "A" options on the toolbar so I think I am dealing with a pdf, not the flowable book format, EPUB.


      I then downloaded the free Philip K. Dick short story which is EPUB and that font was fine with no need for me to modify.  I then downloaded "The Geography of Bliss" which also appears to be EPUB, font is fine, margins are so tiny that black text crowds up against black digital editions borders for a verrrrry ugly experience.


      This is my first attempt to use Digital Editions.  Is this the expected user interface? Because, quite frankly, it's enough to put one off of Digital Editions forever!


      I am running W7 64 bit and downloaded DE through Firefox 6.0, not that that should matter.


      OK, went back to the free downloads and found Huckleberry Finn in PDF ebook format and that is working fine.


      So, is the problem with the book:   Software Engineering for Internet Applications?


      If I go back to EBSCO, what do I tell them?  Book was formatted incorrectly and needs to be *what* recompiled??





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          I would look at the ebook's format first.  You can do this in ADE's Library

          mode by displaying the 'Item Info' on the ebook itself.  You can display the

          library in either of two ways (thumbnail or list), and there will be a small

          arrow next to the upper left corner of the thumbnail, and on the left hand

          side of the Title in list form.  If you put your cursor on that arrow,

          you'll see a drop-down box that has 'Item Info' as a choice.  Click on that,

          and a window will open up, containing information about the ebook.  About

          halfway down, you'll see an entry with the 'File Path'.  You'll see the

          ebook's title and its format - .pdf or .epub or .htm.


          I think your 'clue' of whether there were options on the tool bar for font

          size will be confirmed if the ebook is a .pdf. Some can support variable

          text size, but most do not.  There's not much the library can do about this

          either - the compilation is done by the publisher.  However, it's possible

          that the library has a copy that's in epub format.  Many publishers have

          more than one version available.


          Hope this helps!