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    Editing down an FLV?

    John Hawkinson Level 5

      I recorded a screencast with Acrobat Connect and wanted to do some simple edits with it in Premiere Pro. I'm having trouble figuring out how to get reasonable output size.


      My original single clip is a 1920x1088 FLV, allegedly at 7.88fps. It is 17 megabytes.

      I placed it into a 1440x1088 sequence (because I wanted to crop the right edge off).

      I made a handful of cuts with the razor tool, deleted some sections, ripple deleted the empty space.

      I also sped up one clip 143%.


      (I experimented with trying to record a voiceover track, but Premiere crashed 2 or 3 times and I couldn't get the the "Enable Track for Recording" button in the Audio Mixer to work, so I gave up on that).


      When I export my sequence to FLV, with On2 VP6 frame rate "same as source" bitrate VBR/One Pass/Low, I get a 59mb file.

      But my original was 17mb.

      What am I doing wrong?


      Selecting 8fps pops up a red stopsign, "Adobe Media Encoder: Property Data Invalid!"


      What am I doing wrong?

      If i lock the output framerate to 8fps, I get a 44mb file.