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    Printing double sided brochures with InDesign


      I'm trying to print my brochures double sided with InDesign but I'm really having a devil of a time doing it. The brochure is 8 pages long (each page is 5.5 x8.5 therefore two double-sided 8x11s).


      The problem is that my printer does NOT print duplex, so I can't just leave it in there and let the printer do it.


      I had hoped that I could print pages 1 & 8, then stick those pages into the printer upside down and print 2/7 on the other side.


      Then i could repeat it for 3/6 and 4/5, but when I print out 1 & 8, it prints them on separate pages.


      Anyone know who to format it so that I can print one piece of paper (with two pages on it) at one time?

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          Daniel Flavin Level 4

          File > Print Booklet

          Booklet Type > 2 up Saddle Stitch

          From that Print Booklet dialog, click the Print Settings button (bottom the the Print Booklet dialog) and modify the Print dialog- you will probably have to select Orientation rotate.

          Select ok from the  Print dialog, returning to the Print Booklet dialog.


          In short, you jump between two dialog boxes, until the preview looks correct in Print Booklet. I would suggest setting the printer to Adobe PDF and printing from Acrobat.

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