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    DW CS5 11.0.4 Updater Installation failed


      I have CS5 running on Mac OS X 10.6.8. The Adobe Application Manger launches. It shows Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 with a checkmark. I click UPDATE. I enter my admin password. It downloads Dreamweaver CS5 11.0.4 Updater. Then, it starts installing. Then it says:


      /!\ Some updates failed to install.


      The following updates were unable to install. If you wish to install these updates, please fix the problems below and retry:


      Dreamweaver CS5 11.0.4 Updater Installation failed


      Contact Customer Support for further assistance.


      I click the Customer Support link, and it takes me to a page that says "Download the Adobe Support Advisor". I do that, and run it, and it says:


      Inspection found an issue but cannot determine the cause or corrective action. Please connect Adobe Support for further assistance. http://www.adobe.com/support


      I click the support link, and it presents me with a list of help topics, but I don't see a topic on updater failures. There are phone numbers but I don't see a way to email support. There's a link to the forum, and that brought me here.


      I tried downloading and running the updater from the Adobe website:


      It gives me the same "Installation Failed" error.


      I read that FileVault can cause problems. I did have FileVault on, but I turned that off. I created a new admin user account, and tried the updaters with that account with the same results.


      What should I do now? How do I find out the cause of the failure?