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    How can I get Adobe Photo 3.2 from my old computer to new computer?


      My old HP computer came with the Adobe Photo 3.2 which worked beautifully for me.  I could upload all my photos, click on the ones I want to put in various collections and send all the photos in that collection in a slide show, which allowed me to send as many photos as I want and as many collections in an email as I want.  My new computer has My Pictures but that sucks.  When I upload all my photos, they automatically go into 1 file, not allowing me to pick which ones go into which file.  Also I cannot send out in slide show, have to send out in strips, which means I can only send between 4-8 photos in any given email or email will bounce back for exceeding limits.  I need to be able to  send out 30-40 photos per email.  Is there anyway to transfer or get the Adobe 3.2 to  my new computer.