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    another new graphics card thread

    getho Level 2

      I've done my legwork, I read the forum posts, I had a look at this:




      I've decided I need to upgrade my GTX275 to something with a lot more ram, I I was hoping to spend no more than $500


      I'm tossing up between a GTX 570 with 2.5gb of ram

      and a GTX 580 with 3gb of ram and $100 more. (links below)


      Im not bothered about performance, just stability and the ability to use big stills in permiere.


      I'd love feedback from anyone using either, and any suggestions if there are pitfalls I should be aware of. thanks!



      http://www.itsdirect.com.au/products/EVGA-nVidia-Geforce-GTX570HD-2560mb-PCI-Express-Graph ics-Card-025-P3-1579-KR/view/detail/category_id/48/Product_ID/16870/sub_category/233/


      http://www.itsdirect.com.au/products/Palit-nVidia-Geforce-GTX580-3072mb-PCI-Express-Graphi cs-Card/view/detail/category_id/48/Product_ID/14714/sub_category/231/