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    Are There Additional DVD Menu Templates For Premiere Elements 2.0?

    Southside Church

      Hello!  I am not that familiar with Premiere Elements and the version that my church has is 2.0.  I used it last year to create our Vacation Bible School DVD and the existing DVD menu templates worked because we had a beach theme.  Well, I am ready to make this year's DVD and I browsed through the menu templates and I don't see anything remotely close to being western or ranch oriented.


      Does anybody know if I can download a western menu template somewhere or does a more current version of Premiere Elements have one already?  If so, which version(s)?


      Any help that you can give me is VERY much appreciated.  I have people ready for these DVDs and I don't want to burn them with a menu template that really doesn't go with our western theme.


      Thank you!!


      Carrie Ernst